There isn’t anything that isn’t designed! Tea Šubat

Tea Šubat started her journey in the field of graphic design while she was at the School of Art and Design and continued it at the Faculty of Graphic Arts. Believing the design is not just about aesthetics, but an essential part of the smart and meaningful communication, she directed her talent towards the world of advertisement, which gives an ideal balance between those qualities. At the age of 23, winning a student competition named Visionar brought her a one-month internship at Imago Ogilvy. The internship became a lot more, and Tea has now been employed in Imago as a designer for fourth year in a row. While working on numerous projects inside the agency, she successfully participates in competitions of young hopes from the profession, thus winning the 3rd place in the Young Drummers competition, and this year she was a part of the winning pair of Croatian Young Lions in the Media category. Below you can read her interview for Media Marketing.

You have already chosen creative industry during your studies, but was advertising your first choice or did you want to study something else?
Tea Šubat: I wouldn’t say there was a choice, more something like a multi-annual process which defined final direction. Looking backwards, I was attracted to advertising a lot sooner than I actually knew what it was all about. I was wondering what type of process is behind a commercial, how do those ideas come up, who are the people who create and perform them? It seemed extremely fun, creative and dynamic. Coming for an internship at Imago Ogilvy confirmed my assumptions and it became clear to me that I want to be a part of that.

What does design mean to you? What design should and could do?
Tea Šubat: An essential part of everything around us. I once found a statement with which I agree completely – there isn’t anything that isn’t designed, but the only alternative to a good design is a bad one. That isn’t only a matter of aesthetics, but also of communication, functionality and, finally, culture.
Design should change the world, and I don’t just think about the changes at the global level. Those small, daily ones are also important. A good design makes us feel comfortable, conveys messages, is thought-provoking. And to be honest, the fact it looks nice is never a disadvantage.

What is your inspiration?
Tea Šubat: I think it comes from a combination of everything I face with. I have a wide variety of interests and I try to see and experience as much as possible. Good things motivate me and guide me, and the bad ones develop the desire to contradict with something better.

What is according to you, the key for the success of a young person in this industry? The support of you colleagues, talent, commitment…?
Tea Šubat: I would point out the will as the key factor. Of course, I can only speak from personal experience, but I assume a lot of young people find themselves in a similar situation. You come to your first job smart, serious and ready – and then you realize you have no idea how the things are done in the real world. After such coming down to earth, the willingness to start from scratch takes over and you show yourself and the others how good you can actually be.

You are regular at competitions for young creative people. What do they mean to you?
Tea Šubat: Stepping out of the comfort zone which can result in a valuable recognition. At competitions, we have an opportunity to express ourselves more personally, without feedback coming from every direction, which at the same time means we have to be extremely critical towards our own work. I’m particularly fond of the Young Lions competition, you get hooked to such tension in no time.

We heard on numerous occasions that changes are the only constant, and young leaders have to lead those changes. What would you change in the industry?
Tea Šubat: Despite not being in this business a long time, I managed to notice numerous changes. Advertising is becoming more authentic and more targeted, since the audience is more and more critical. An increasing number of campaigns draws attention to the problems in the society and tries to encourage a positive change. From this perspective, it seems to me that we’re going in a good direction. Which is why I would love for the clients to have a little more courage and trust, since this is the only way to make quality project happen, which will certainly leave a trace. And we have to be smart and persistent.

Is there anything you wish to achieve in this industry? How far do your ambitions go?
Tea Šubat: I don’t think I’ll ever have a specific goal. I go step by step, and the direction is usually unpredictable. All I know for sure is that I want to enjoy those project as I go, and I want to be proud of what I do. The progress is then inevitable.

What do you do in your free time and do you have enough of it?
Tea Šubat: I do my best to relax my eyes and tire my body, especially during these wonderful, warm days. I travel whenever I have time to do so. I surround myself with dear people, good music and food. You can do everything if you’re just a little bit organised.

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