Tele2 Home Internet once again on home screens

You no longer need to seek for freedom when you have it with flat home internet, which you simply install wherever you go.
Ancient Japanese claim that every person has three faces: the first that they show to everyone, the second one they show to the family, and the third one that they don’t show to anyone. In their wise proverb, the Japanese have forgotten one more face – the one that shows up when we let ourselves loose within our own four walls.
Now Vid, a well-known Tele2 character, experienced this freedom in the new campaign.
Vid and Croatia’s nicest Policeman have been joined by some new characters, Sementa Rajhard in the role of the girl, and dog Keko in the role of the dog.
Check out the link between David Hasselhoff and the unrestricted freedom of the home Internet below…

“It was interesting to work on this year’s campaign for home internet, and we hope that the team in the TV ad will delight the viewers as much as they delighted us on the set,” says Ivona Veselić Bila, Account Executive.
“With a small help of David Hasselhoff, we made any four walls unlimitedly free,” said Ana Pogačić, Copywriter.

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