Some new faces Meet are new leaders

Imago Ogilvy knows how to combine youth and experience, providing young people with an opportunity to take over leadership roles and open the door to a new generation in the creative industry.

In the hallways of Imago Ogilvy (as well as Imago Bold, Ljubljana), you’re bound to hear: smart, positive, innovative. The creative team hearing this in the middle of receiving feedback will – quite naturally – just roll their eyes, but – against all odds – the mantra is praiseworthy. As far as agencies go, Imago is not just idle talk, which they’re set to prove with their new organization, roles, and progress.

Smart business at the agency is in the hands of new team leaders, who took writing eleven mails at the same time, jaw cramps from polite smiles, and compiling profitability spreadsheets and upgraded it to taking care that others have written their e-mails too, more smiles, and compiling annual leave spreadsheets. And for the ease and wisdom they display while doing it, they’ve deserved to be called Account Managers. This is them:

Andrea Antunović has worked at Imago for the last four years. She’s prepared to, inter alia, sacrifice herself for all of us and travel to Dubai when needed, and also tolerates her status as the Young Leader of Tomorrow at the Media Marketing organization, as when she represented our company at their conference on the Japod Islands. Instead of a statement, she let out a deep sigh.

Hiam Hamed, too, has been places, and it wasn’t completely clear to us why she settled on Croatia, but she explained: “You really need help to bring out the best in you.” “Cool,” we said. Hey, wait a minute.

Ivona Veselić Bila didn’t have time for a statement. She took the occasion to remind us that we also owed her online materials, and that coordination is tomorrow at half past, and not five past half. She rushed to a meeting in the same breath, followed by the sound of outgoing e-mails, directing at us in passing: “And do not under any circumstance put this into the article.”

On the positive side, Imago now has a person who’s responsible for not letting employees’ wishes turn into dissatisfaction, meaning that she makes sure that the time that is better spent on development and progress isn’t wasted on whining. The woman brave enough to become the first Imago HR Manager ever is Sanja Karan. She answered our question with: “What do you think, what’s it like to work at Imago?”

Preserving innovation as a recognisable Imago trait and providing due space – as well as rewards – for everyone’s ideas is the task of someone who’s had plenty of those, on top of being experienced enough to warn us that the fun selfie at a funeral idea sadly won’t crop up at the briefing. Our Creative Director, from now on, is Dražen Novak: “Who’s going to read this, anyway? Alright, if you are reading this, here’s a joke as a reward: I’m thinking of getting rid of my vacuum cleaner… It just sits around in my closet collecting dust. Communication should be like this – surprising and fun.”

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