Not one spring campaign – but Three!

Ibexes who know what they want, a telecom leading a nation from the captivity of the Wi-Fi signal and anti loaners opposed to loans is the summary of what Imago Ogilvy launched on the market in just one month.

Spring began for the agency with a toast made with Laško beer in a campaign focused on the legendary Ibex. Two ibexes pointed out the contrast between experience and tradition on the one hand and faddishness and the eternal search for novelty on the other. Laško beer reminds us that, when you know who you are, you don’t have to prove anything… and always know what you want. This message will be imparted not only in Croatia, but in BH, Serbia and Macedonia since the campaign will be present on these markets as well. April also marked the release of captives of limited Internet in the new Tele2 campaign. From now on, consumers will be able to surf the Internet wherever they go, and they can carry their home flat Internet with them, all they need is a socket. The campaign involves some well known characters, and while some of them lead hundreds to freedom, others are healing wounds due to an unusual abduction. At the same time, on the other side of creativity, rare examples of anti loaners have been discovered, who persistently refuse to take out a cash loan. The agency has jumped in here as well, and presented for the remaining 99% of the population the campaign for the OTP cash loans, which come in handy when you need the money yesterday. It remains to be seen what reactions the two ibexes, freed mobs in the streets of cities and an unusual cowboy will elicit from consumers, and in the meantime, the chief creative director Igor Mladinović will once again be a jury member at the 24th annual Golden Drum. Igor is one of the ten members of the jury, but this won’t be happening until October. Not everything can happen in the spring.

Laško Beer:

Tele 2:


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