After numerous awards at the advertising festivals in Europe and the Far East, Imago Ogilvy has now picked up the prestigious Clio Award for the project Dear Mr. President, created for Jana water brand.

The story of the letter written using Klepetan’s quill, which helped change a law in Lebanon and enabled millions of birds to safely fly across that country, has touched the hearts of the most respected international jury which selected the winners in this US version of the Advertising Oscars.

Clio awards is the most prestigious advertising festival in the US, and after the Cannes Lions, their statues are one of the most important industry awards globally.

With this award, we completed our collection of most prestigious awards and justified the position of the most awarded Croatian agency in the last few years.

“Just yesterday Dino Rađa was inducted into the NBA Hall of Fame, which reminded me of the fact that you can be very big in Europe, but when you succeed in basketball in the US, then you’re world class. It’s similar in advertising, which is a direct reflection of economics and show business, and it is clear what place the United States have on that map. That’s why this award has incredible weight. When you get selected amongst tens of thousands of works from across the world, this is something that caries certain weight,” said Igor Mladinović, Chief Creative Director.

“Clio Award, right after Cannes Lions, represents the most prestigious trophy in the advertising world for me. We’ve been waiting for this award for a long time, and now it’s also coming to our shelf. I am very happy because the list of world festivals that we are yet to conquer has now been really reduced to the minimum. And since we consider every new project as the one that will conquer them, I really look forward to everything that is yet to come,” said Darko Bosnar, Creative Director.

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