Balticbest is a festival specific for celebrating advertising creativity in markets of less than five million people. Thus, contestants this year in Tallinn came from Malta, Cyprus, Iceland, Lithuania, Estonia, Croatia, Slovenia, Luxembourg and other small European countries.

“The old proverb says ’it’s better to be a big frog in a small pond, than a small frog in a big pond.’ But we realized we have an excellent project, which speaks in the universal language of creativity, when it began winning prizes at festivals big and small, under completely different criteria. This time we celebrated in the competition of more than 50 small country advertising agencies and what else can we say but that it’s nice to be named the biggest among the smallest :-),” said Darko Bosnar, creative director.
Our project for Jana brand of water, which encouraged changing of a law in Lebanon, has won two Golds per categories, and the overall Grand Prix award as the best in the festival, which is yet another in the series of great successes of this campaign.

“There are few things as important for good advertising as the size and development of the market. That’s why smaller countries usually find it harder to win awards at major world festivals where everything should be of planetary proportions, and it’s not the same whether something happened in Manhattan or at Kajzerica. Here we felt like at home turf, and the awards show that we play pretty good in such conditions,” said Igor Mladinović, Creative Director.

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