Imago & Ogilvy opened an agency in Ljubljana Imago Bold

In a year when it celebrates it’s 25th birthday, instead of praising the rich career, business successes or acknowledgments in the profession, Imago advertising agency decided to turn to the future and together with Ogilvy agency opened a Slovenian branch office.

Office in Ljubljana will operate independently with local creative and account strengths, but with the clear Imago philosophy and help on projects when needed.

About the office opening in Ljubljana, Damir Ciglar comments: “I can premier announce that we had finally officially registered the office in Ljubljana last week, ImagoBold-Ogilvy, right on the day of ‘farewell to the ghosts of the past’, so that Imago’s 25 years with the eyes set to the future gets its metaphorical character with the beginning of work of a new agency in Slovenia!“

The official website is at the link:

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