Imago Ogilvy Hosts Students Discover Zagreb

As part of the Discover Zagreb project carried out in Croatia by one of the largest world youth organizations, AIESEC Croatia, Imago Ogilvy gave young people from Serbia, India, Montenegro, Hungary, and Jordan the opportunity to experience working in an advertising agency for a month.

The projects envisaged by this program are aimed at creating positive examples in society. This is why the students were tasked with creating a campaign for the association Noah’s Ark, which will promote the adoption of older dogs by senior citizens. The goal of the campaign is to demonstrate the numerous benefits of adopting older dogs when the adopter is a senior citizen not prone to everyday running and greater physical activity.

The students’ own statements best describe their experience in Zagreb and Imago.

BRANKICA: “The last three months were filled with laughter, nervousness, knowledge, experience, and a great team. Working in a healthy environment with kind people and a creative team that is always ready to share knowledge has inspired and motivated me to continue working on myself. These three weeks of practical work in Imago have meant more to me than years of theoretical learning from books and attending seminars because we finally worked in a real environment.”

YASH: “This was a great experience that taught me many new things. how to solve problems and develop a strategy. I’m really happy that I got the chance to work in this advertising agency.”

LAITH: “It was a great opportunity to get to work on a project in this kind of environment, in a creative agency like this. I’m very happy and thankful that I was here, thanks to Imago and to AIESEC.”

SARA: “I finally got the chance to experience first-hand what we’ve been learning about in the last three years of college. In Imago I worked with people who are successful, know what they’re doing and were glad to share their knowledge, for which I’m very grateful. I feel this international work experience will be very useful for my CV.”

SANJA: “We got to experience first-hand what it means to work in an agency, what its activities and sectors entail.  Apart from getting the opportunity to work on a real project,  the thing that was most meaningful to me and without which this experience wouldn’t have been the same was precisely the employees of Imago. The working environment is very positive, everyone is happy to help, hang out and share their experience and skills.  The agency has provided us with our own office, where we had our own freedom, and this made me feel even more like a part of the agency. I’ve learned many new things about human behavior and myself. The most important thing that I learned from this positive example is what kind of career I want, in what kind of environment and with what kind of people. I’ve just realized that it is possible to love your job.”

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