Pipi campaign featured in Lürzer’s Archive

Series of print ads for the summer campaign #bolimePipi was featured in the latest edition of the renowned Lürzer’s Archive

In a fierce competition of more than 2,000 entries submitted for the fifth edition of Lürzer’s Archive this year, this witty and brave campaign for the Croatian juice brand Pipi found its place on two pages of the renowned magazine. Thus, thanks to the creative work by agency Imago Ogilvy, the small Croatian brand of juices managed to elbow its way into the elite of print ads.

“Through Lürzer’s Archive I fell in love with the job I do, and it is always a great honour to see my work published in this magazine. This is another proof that when you make work that is creative and interesting, regardless of language, small market, and small budget, you can get recognition even in competition with the biggest out there,” said Darko Bosnar, Creative Director of Imago Ogilvy.

Barbara Sabo, copywriter, added: “The real challenge with Pipi was to devise creative that is locally rooted, but still widely understandable and recognizable. The result was a campaign with postcards that outgrew their format, and characteristic moments of Dalmatia that became special moments for everyone. I’m glad to see that neither the different language nor the different mindset were an obstacle to understanding a good joke.”

Original article available on link.


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