IMAGO OGILVY & PAN are hanging out again!

Imago Ogilvy and Pan have been inseparable partners for years. This was the time in which Pan flourished and became a serious player on a demanding beer market. But as the world of marketing is subject to constant changes, this collaboration was temporarily suspended as the client and the agency explored some new possibilities.

Still, friendships coined over beer are strong ones, and not easily forgotten. Pan’s communication was in need of refreshment, so they once again turned to the agency that has always been on the first name basis with Pan.

The result of this renewed collaboration is a new campaign that is just starting out and celebrates everyday heroes who always find a way to call their friends for a Pan.

“Carrier communication channel of this campaign is the unique pull-of cap that makes Pan different from all the mainstream beers. With the addition of a ribbon, the cap was turned into the Pan Order of Honour, a reward worthy of those who don’t give up on socialising despite all the obstacles, duties and obligations. The orders on bottles are now waiting for their heroes to call for a Pan. For everyone in the agency it was a great challenge to work again on Pan, a brand that Imago created, and which grew together with the agency. A lot of beer has been drunk in the meantime, a lot of things have changed, but we believe the Pan Order of Honour is a good start to the continuation of our collaboration,” said Darko Bosnar, Creative Director, Imago Ogilvy.

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