The production house Riba ribi grize rep, event agency Projektil and digital agency Jedinica i nula have successfully been doing business within the Imago Group for years now. Agency Drap is now the latest member to become part of the Imago Group.

Drap is Croatia’s first agency that has seriously delved into digital media advertising, implemented numerous digital campaigns and won awards both in Croatia and abroad throughout the years of superb work.

It was precisely this domain of excellence where the respective visions of Imago and Drap converged resulting in this takeover.

Thanks to Drap’s know-how and experience in community and social management, as well as innovative technologies, Imago will further extend the set of services provided its clients and be even more adamant about the best possible implementation of every single idea in all communication channels.

The cooperation between Imago and Drap has been going on for years. The fact that Drap was our digital partner working on the Wing of Love campaign that brought the first Cannes Lion to Croatia just goes to prove how successful this collaboration was.

The merger process will take place during September so already as of this autumn Imago and Drap will combine their forces and embark upon coming up with new campaigns and winning new Lions.

“Since the very beginning almost 26 years ago Imago has nurtured an integrated approach to communication when it comes to its way of thinking. By virtue of this acquisition we would like to speed up the implementation of innovative technologic solutions in the communication we create thereby leading the way as far as the development of marketing communication in the region is concerned. Moreover, we would like to implement Ogilvy’s new strategy by placing emphasis on digital and technological expertise”, Damir Ciglar, CEO of Imago Group agency, said.

This is what Davor Runje, director of Drap agency, had to say about the merger with Imago: “The focus on new technologies and innovation during these ten years has held the key to creating the most award-winning digital agency in this region, but I firmly believe that technology is not and cannot be an island unto itself so integration with a vigorous communication agency is needed so as to foster further development. Being one of the most creative agencies and considering our extremely successful long-standing collaboration, it was only natural to team up with Imago Ogilvy.”



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