Imago Ogilvy and Heineken invited Croatia to some Hopa Cupa

Would you like some Hopa Cupa? Hopa Cupa this way? The bench for Hopa Cupa? … These are just some of the messages on leaflets, stickers and posters that appeared all over Croatia last week. (Hopa Cupa is a slang term for sex).

It’s a well thought out campaign for a brand new and unique drink on the market – lemon juice with hops.

Through collaboration with Heineken on this project, Imago Ogilvy has developed the name, packaging design, copy and communication for the product, all based on the fact that one of the major ingredients in Mr. Hopa Cupa is hops, which gives the beverage distinct character and makes a difference in comparison to similar drinks.

Hopa Cupa has thus become a shameless lemonade intended for those of a strong character who are not ashamed of showing their true self, and who don’t yield to conservative social norms.

“It’s nice when the client is brave, when they trust you and give you full freedom, which was the case here. The challenge was great – we needed to introduce a product that practically opens up a completely new category in the market. From the beginning, we thought this product deserved a bit more brave approach and bolder communication, which eventually proved to be correct. Teaser and reveal campaigns have provoked a real boom, and a multitude of positive reactions to which we are very proud. I hope Mr. Hopa Cupa will provide consumers at least as much pleasure as it gave us while working on this project,” said Goran Bader, senior copywriter from Imago Ogilvy.

Mr. Hopa Cupa was an unordinary challenge for us, because not only did we enter a new beverage territory, but our concept and thinking needed to go beyond our standard frames. But in Heineken we always like to step out of our safe zone, because only that way can we be innovators and pioneers in the market. The first reactions have justified our expectations and showed us that we were right to have faith in this story and brand,” said Filip Rabuzin, marketing director of Heineken Croatia.

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