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Are You Syrious is an association that helps individuals and families who are looking for safe places after being forced to leave their homes. The biggest challenge was to raise donations for schoolchildren refugees, so our task was to devise an original communication campaign for a humanitarian association that would encourage the donor community to help refugee children.

See below what our creative director Mirka Modrinić said to Media Marketing about the campaign.

We came up with the idea wanting to help refugees together with the Are You Syrious? association, especially children. Thinking of how to raise public interest, we realized that most people respond to basic action ads across Croatian media. Buyers are following sales actions, thinking about how to get certain products or services for themselves. We used this ad format for a completely different, more humane message.

The campaign is at the same time subtle criticism of the consumer society and all of us who are willing to allocate money even for unnecessary things, but much less to help those who need it.

We wondered, if the word “action” can motivate us to spend, can it motivate us to help?

The greatest contribution of this campaign was raising awareness that refugees, especially children, need our help, as well as the awareness of our own consumerism mentality. And, of course, the concrete aid that was collected.

It was special because it conveyed a humane message is in the form of a typical consumer ad campaign.

When it comes to our project, we are most proud that we could help those who needed it, which made us feel better both as professionals and as people.

If we were to go from scratch now we believe we would make this campaign even wider and longer.

Throughout the process, we learned that we are all extremely motivated when it comes to creative solutions that contribute to the common good. Social responsibility of both agencies and clients are important for motivation and job satisfaction.

What you certainly didn’t know that you can also help if you visit the Facebook page of Are You Syrious?

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